Friday, June 10, 2011

Green Pancakes?

Eli is very excited to be on summer vacation.  A few days ago I went into his room after his rest time to find one drawer completely emptied of its contents.  When I asked Eli what he had intended, he said, "I am trying to decide what to wear for summer vacation."  The first morning that Eli did not have to go to school he told my husband, "I don't know what to have for breakfast on summer vacation."  So, we decided to try a lightsaber pancake.

I am on a bit of a "whole and natural" foods kick around here.  In the old days, which means about eight days ago, I would have dumped generous amounts of food coloring into our pancakes to achieve the desired hue.  Thankfully, Eli asked for Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, which is green, and I did have an idea how to naturally color that.  Spinach.

Our ingredients:  spinach, bananas, and pancake mix.

So, I mixed up the pancake batter and then pulled out a cup or so.  Then, using our little Magic Bullet blender, I blended the spinach (about a handful) and bananas into the batter. batter.  I did need to add more water to get the right consistency.

The finished lightsaber pancake.  Hmmmmm.
Not everything is a rip-roaring success around here.
(Is it just me, or does this look a bit obscene?)  Yes, Sarah.  Oh yes, it does look obscene.
I did get an "Awesome" from Eli, so I guess that is something.

He ate it all.  Every last bite.  I tried it too and I promise could not even taste the spinach.
Even Abby, who tends to be a purist when it comes to pancakes, gave the greenies a try.  I don't think she disliked them, she just prefers them plain.
So there you have it:  spinach pancakes that don't taste like spinach at all.

What's your favorite way to "hide" healthy food??


  1. 1. You are such a great Mom!
    2. Way to use Jiffy mix, represent.
    3. It's not just you.

  2. Oh Chetta, you are too kind. Not such a great mom...I mean, I fed my kid a phallic pancake. Oh my...

  3. I can't believe I missed the picture! And I second everything Chetta said!