Monday, January 9, 2012

Play Makeup

If you were to ask Abby what her favorite Christmas gift was, she would say "my makeup.". This makeup was from Aunt Jessie and she paid a whopping $1.00 for it. Abby's new treasure was a plastic, yellow, Princess Belle cell phone filled with sparkly lip gloss.  That child has used a lot of lip gloss. Aunt Holly savd the day when she told Abby that SHE only puts on makeup once a day. Genius.

The Princess Belle makeup quickly ran out, but the cry still rang out through our house, "Where my makeup?"  This girl needed some makeup.  I went through my own makeup and collected some that I don't use...a good excuse to clean out old stuff. 

I discovered that if I used a butter knife, I could pop the little interior trays of makeup right out, in this case eye shadow and blush. 

I then filled the trays with nail polish and let them dry.  I did have to open some windows to air out the toxic fumes.

Here's my favorite part of Abby's play makeup:  lipstick.  I dug the lipstick out of a tube I got during one of my favorite times of the year...Clinique Bonus Days.  I then glued a marble onto the tube, using a hot glue gun.  Lastly, I painted the marble with two coats of nail polish.

Add some cheap-o brushes, purchased at Meijer, and we were ready to get beautiful.     

This is one happy girl...who is wearing camouflage to offset the very extreme girliness of playing with makeup.

I LOVE watching her with the lipstick.  It's just too cute and a lovely color on her, I might add.

You dazzle me, darling.

Once Abby finished with her own makeup, she moved on to her babies.

All lined up for makeup.

It would be an extreme understatement to say that the makeup has been a hit.  Abby puts on makeup at least a dozen times a day and her little makeup bag is never far from her line of sight.  In fact, as I type this right now, she is sitting inside her princess tent putting on makeup.  Abby has even been teaching her Daddy about makeup and he is a wonderful sport about it.  If there was ever a man to to have a daughter, it is this one...what a great Daddy he is for our little girl. 

There are two downsides to Abby's play makeup:
  1. At least once or twice a day my husband and I have to scurry around the house trying to find the makeup, while Abby tries to remember where she left it last.  She can even tell if anything is missing. "Where my eye shadow?"
  2. Every time Abby opens her makeup she likes to sniff it, as some of the toxic fumes still linger from the nail polish.  Hmmmmmm.

Even with the scurring and the sniffing, however, play makeup has been a HUGE success at our house...and MY makeup is cleaned out and organized.  A bonus.  Oh Clinique Bonus Days, please come again soon...