Monday, February 28, 2011

r is for rice

At preschool, Eli has been working with the letter "r" so we decided to do an "r" project at "r" house.  haha

So, I created this Word document and away we went.

We started by tracing the word "rice."

Abby gives tracing a try.  I think she expended all of her tracing concentration on the "r."

We painted the "r" outline with glue.

And then covered it with rice.

The final product...stored in a plastic sleeve.

Some more options we might try in the future:
s is for sugar or salt or sand
f is for flour
c is for cornmeal
d is for dirt
g is for grass (if we ever see it again)

 Any other ideas???


A side note on fonts...I once learned from my friend JoDell that not all fonts are created equal in the eyes of a pre-reader.   The letter "a" is the culprit.  Here's what I mean...

These types of the letter "a" are not recognizable by a pre-reader:

a a a a a a a a

You need one like this:

When doing things for my kids at home, my favorite Word font is Century Gothic.  Every letter is recognizable to a pre-reader.

Thanks, JoDell, for a valuable letter lesson!!

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