Sunday, May 22, 2011

Invisible Ink

More rain seems to be predicted for us this week.  That calls for a little rainy day activity.

  • White crayon
  • White cardstock (I have not tried this using just regular white paper, but I think you probably could use it.)
  • Paint
  • Napkins
Start by writing something on the white paper with the white crayon.  You want to press hard, hence the broken crayon above, and make your lines thick.

Then let your little painters loose.

Once the painting is finished, take a napkin and wipe away the excess paint, revealing your 
"invisible ink."

Blank notecards and envelopes were our canvases of the day.

To summarize:
Write in white crayon on white paper, paint, wipe, dry, done.
Huh.  Part of that sounds like another set of instructions I give my young kids.  Anyways....

See Eli in the background?  While Abby was working on painting, Eli was working on another project.  We'll get to that sometime this week...I know...the suspense of it is thrilling.

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