Thursday, May 12, 2011

Paint the Fence

After a round of sickness and a little family vacation we have, once again, resurfaced into the real world.  Not many of us are excited about this.

Yup.  This is how we all felt.  (Abby just peeked over my shoulder, saw this picture, and said, "Abby crying."  She remembers the pain of the moment.)

Yesterday, it was suddenly summer in Michigan.  Spring must have happened during the three days we were on vacation.  So, I lathered up my pale faced child in sunscreen, sent him outside, and it wasn't long before he came back to the door wanting someone with whom he could play.  I went out for a bit, but, coming back from vacation always means that the mommy has some work to do.  We invited the neighbor kids over.  They played contently for awhile, but as kids do, they soon got restless and wanted to come inside.  Sorry kids, no can is a day for outside playing.  So, what helps sweaty and somewhat whiny kids?  Juice Boxes...and an activity.  I filled up three yogurt containers with water, added a paintbrush, grabbed the juice boxes and headed out to tame the masses.

Paint the fence, Daniel-Son.  Though, noticing his brush position, this is really Paint the House.

This was really easy and perfect for a hot day.  Very simply, we painted the fence with water.  Here Eli is painting a lightsaber.  The kids "painted" for at least thirty minutes, which in kid-time is about three days.

The water quickly dried, leaving the canvas blank again.  Perfect.
All the kids went and got chairs so that they could focus on their masterpieces.

The best part of this was listening as Eli told my husband about how they painted the fence.  I let it go on for awhile and when Andy was REALLY nervous, I did step in and tell him that we painted with water.  I said, "Did you really think I would let them paint the fence with real paint?"  He hesitated.  Ok...that's fair.

Side Note:  This could be done inside by painting on a chalkboard surface using water.

Next comes Sand the Deck, followed by Wax the Car.


  1. I was very excited to read this activity when I saw the title. I love the reference to the Karate Kid! Great idea. I can see Tyler "painting" the deck soon. Unfortunately, we only have a chain-link fence.

  2. What a blast! Doris Betz was a huge water believer! Definitely has a Karate Kid look to it!

  3. I once read, “A kid should be clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be happy.” I think that 10 years from now, your child can help his dad repaint the fence and he will be a handyman. It's because you let him learn while having fun. Wouldn't it be great? Your fence wouldn't just protect your kid; it would also let him learn and enjoy. Hope it'll still be sturdy and strong until your kid's grown, so you can tell him that he used to pain the fence with juice. Haha! So, better maintain that fence and prevent it from rotting or becoming a breeding ground for termites and mold.
    ---->Marvel Farias