Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Ideas

I will admit it;  I get excited about Mother's Day.  After two c-sections that brought an 11 pound 2 ounce baby and a 9 pound 9 ounce baby (our petite girl) into the world, I kind of like picking a restaurant for lunch and possibly receiving some sort of gift card.  My husband is a very thoughtful gift giver and has, on more than one occasion, given a gift that has made me cry.  Last year for Mother's Day he gave me a gift card for a massage and pedicure...amazing.  I saved it for awhile, but then decided to trade it in to get my nose pierced.  Nothing says "I'm a mom" like a nose ring.  One more reason I love my husband, he was willing to let me realize my lifelong dream of an extra hole in my nose.  Lest it appears that I had children for the once-a-year possibility of a gift card and restaurant (though I do REALLY like to eat out), I shall quickly proceed to the next paragraph.

I ALSO get excited about Mother's Day because I get to choose a card to make for our moms and grandmas.  It's a big deal to me and I take it very seriously, in a fun sort or way. Today's task is to select our card and start working on it.  Here are some places I like to go for ideas:

Mother's Day Cards

Homemade Mother's Day Gifts

Each one of these sites has LOTS of ideas if you poke around.  
Have fun loving some moms!

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