Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coffee Filter Fun...Second Way

One of my favorite blogs is Frugal Family Fun Blog;  it is very true to its name.  On this blog, I found a second way to bring spring into our home via the coffee filter.

 Coffee Filter Sunshine

What You Need:
  • Coffee filters
  • Washable markers OR watercolor paints
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors (optional)
This is so easy!!
  1.  If you want...fold the coffee filter into thirds and then snip to make a zig-zag edge.  (Does that make any sense??  I forgot to take a picture of this step!)
  2. Color or paint on the coffee filter.  If you opt for the paint, you are finished, and just need to let that sunshine dry.
  3. If you used marker...now you get to paint with water!  That's right, folks.  Water.  
  4. Let the coffee filter dry.
  5. Hang it in the window.
I don't have any watercolor paints so we went the marker route.  They look so thrilled.
Abby painting with water, causing the marker colors to bleed and run together.  (We lost Eli after the coloring.  Refer to previous picture.)  She LOVED this...the painting part...not the losing Eli part. 

How can painting with water be so messy?  A mystery for the ages, I guess.  Make sure you have something down underneath the coffee filters once you start in with the water.

So, with our first coffee filter project it is true that the kiddos outdid me.  I liked theirs MUCH better than mine.  Sorry kids.  Mom wins on THIS coffee filter project.   Theirs were good this time around too, but I did like how mine looked as I had covered the entire coffee filter with marker, contrasting their more sporadic coloring.

One of my creations in all three stages:
  1. COVERED the coffee filter in marker.
  2. Still wet from the water painting.
  3. Dry and on the window.

The Finished Product

With the zig-zag edges.  So sunshiney.

Please stay, blue skies.

So there you have it.  Fun with coffee filters...two ways.  
Who has another?

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