Monday, March 21, 2011

Easy Painting Project

I did it.  Abby and I just finished our first day of a "Couch to 5K" program.  She is rewarding herself by playing with Play-Doh.  I am rewarding myself by sitting to write a blog post and trying to stop sweating.

So, a totally easy painting project for you this morning.  Put painters tape on a paper in a desired shape, let kids paint like crazy, dry, and peel off paint.  Done.

We did the letter Z.  We had painted on these same papers a few days prior...we turned the paper over to use it again.  Incidentally, I have done this another time and used masking tape.  The painters tape peeled up MUCH better than the masking tape at the end.  

Then you COVER your paper with paint.  This is perfect for my kids because it is their favorite way to paint regardless of the project we are doing.  Then just let the paint dry and peel the tape off to reveal your design. 

Can you see that little streak of paint in Abby's hair?  Seeing that rekindled my desire to dye a little hidden strip of my hair hot pink.  I have secretly, OK not so secretly, always wanted to be Sydney Bristow.  

Yes.  That is more than a strip of dyed hair, but it totally works for a spy...or your average stay-at-home mom.

I have digressed.  Back to the business at hand.

I let the kids pick their own paint color.  Not such a big deal if you using something other than BROWN paper.  Next time we will use more compatible colors.

Really easy and really fun!!


  1. Jessie...was it the sweating or the Sidney Bristow?