Friday, March 11, 2011

On My List

I get a lot of ideas by checking out various blogs.   There are so many fantastically creative people out there!  Here are some things I've found that I would like to do: 

Giant Sunflower at Frugal Family Fun Blog

Sewing (Lacing Cards) at Mini-eco

Daffodil crafts at The Imagination Tree

Do It Yourself Bathtub Puffy Paint at Chalf in My Pocket

Would anyone like to add to the list?? 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ooh! I like the daffodil ones!

    My crafty to-do list has a grocery shopping list and meal planning card on the top of it - something pretty I can laminate, fill in with a wet-erase marker, wipe clean and reuse.

  2. Ha! When I saw the Giant Sunflower I had flashbacks to our way too cool sunflower Halloween costume that my Mom helped us to make! Didn't we win something with those costumes?

  3. Man, when O gets big enough to craft I hope to have as much fun as you do. :)

  4. Katie...Something pretty always helps with the mundane tasks, doesn't it? :)

    Jessica...We did always love the sunflowers, didn't we? :) I think we did win something. If not, we should have.

    April...she can craft now!!