Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Choice

My home was already 63% demolished when the tiny 5-year old and 3-year old demolishers descended the stairs this morning.  In a fort building effort, we demolished the rest.  So, this morning, amidst rain and headaches and a desire to only see this:

I choose to see this:

A day is filled with so many little moments in which I must make a choice; a choice to see what is good in the middle of what seems to be the worst.  I fail at this more than I succeed, but by God's grace, I hope to see that reverse.  Every time I choose to see good over bad, every time I choose gratitude and thankfulness over ingratitude and bitterness, the scales start to tip the other way.

And now, I have to choose to clean.  But, I get to clean while listening to the happy sounds of my kids playing together and for that, I choose to be thankful.


  1. Such a good reminder - something I'm guilty of much more often then I'd like to admit.