Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who's Your Mama?

In a recent Parenting magazine, I read an idea of a game to play to help children learn to consider the places from which food comes.  Ideally, though far, far, far from perfectly, we try to eat food that comes from a real, natural source:  the ground, a plant, a vine, a tree, an animal.  My kids love bacon and the first time they realized that it comes from a pig, it took some time to sink in.  

Sorry, Olivia.

Back to the game.  Select a food and ask your kids who the "mama" of that food is.   It might look like this:

Me:  Milk...Who's your mama?
Kids:  COW
Me:  Good or not good?
Kids:  GOOD!  (generally accompanied by a THUMBS-UP)
Me:  Now, let's talk about if this cow is grass fed or if it's pumped full of hormones.  (Just kidding, I don't really say that...we'll save that for another day, little Eli and Abby.  Cow is good enough for now.  And standard cow is pretty much what mommy and daddy can afford, anyways.)
Here it is, for your viewing pleasure, Who's Your Mama:

 (You get it twice because I had to actually embed the video code into the blog to avoid having creepy thumbnails of other videos appear when this one is done.  Now I can't figure out how to get the second video out.  I have decided to just leave it to spare you having to see a really weird thumbnail of Heath Ledger's Joker holding weaponry.) 

((I also can't figure out how to get it centered when embedding the code.  Math people are bothered by stuff like that.  The left-justification of the video is really irking me.))

Our goal is playing this game?  Finding food that has a NATURAL mama instead of a FACTORY mama.  Again, we are not perfect (Who could possibly live without Oreos?), but we are trying to make strides away from the factory. 

All this to say, Who's Your Mama is a favorite around here and, by request of the kids, we play it a lot.  Plus, it's just the cutest thing to hear your two-year old say, "Who's Your Mama?"

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  1. LOVE this.
    Just laughed really hard!
    Miss you guys!
    <3 Alli