Saturday, February 5, 2011

Disclaimer and Start-Up

I hold no delusions that this blog will be read by anyone that is not related to my children.  So, my main purpose in writing is to record for posterity the things I do with my kids at home, kind of a lesson plan book done after-the-fact, so to speak.  I like to do crafts.  I probably like to do crafts too much.  It's the inner teacher in me that just gets thrown up all over my kids in the form of glue, paint, construction paper, tissue paper, etc.  I imagine that years from now when I am old and senile my kids will remind me of some ridiculous project I had them do.  Of course, I won't remember it, because I am old and senile, so they will pull up some archaic version of this blog and I will be forced to concede, that, YES, that was a ridiculous project.  Or, in a more happier scenario, they do some of these same crafts with their kids.  I think I will go with that one...

Let the crafting begin.

Stained Glass Windows

My current favorite crafting materials are Contact paper and tissue paper.  Here's a little ditty, nothing very earth shattering, that is quite versitile and super easy for kids of all ages (and their moms too).

  • Contact paper
  • Tissue paper cut or ripped into small pieces
  • Some sort of outline
Start with some sort of outlined shape.  I have done apples, snowflakes, and most recently, hearts.  Lay the outline down on the Contact Paper so that the sticky Contact paper shows through.

Stick the tissue paper to the contact paper.  Great for little ones to learn the concepts of INSIDE and OUTSIDE the lines.

Put Contact paper on the top and then trim the sides.  Done.

 Side note:  If these are going to be seen from both sides of the window go with an outline (the picture under the one with Eli) as opposed to the block design.  The outline looks the same from each side.

See, this blog is not for everyone.  I do thank my mom for reading it, though.


  1. awesome! you do so many cool projects with your kids- now I have a go-to blog for the next round of snow days! -jess fick

  2. Such cute stuff you guys do Sarah!! Jen Basch