Thursday, February 17, 2011

Helping Hands: Part 1

The hearts are down and we're moving on...but I think we will still love each other.  So, we're launching a project called "Helping Hands."  I want my kids to love people with a servant's heart.  To that end, we are going to focus on loving people by serving them.  First step:  a big messy painting project. 

Anything different is fun.  We paint frequently, but we do not frequently paint on the WALL.  We hung a long piece of craft paper on the wall with the intent of covering it in handprints.  I don't have too many pictures for the very obvious reason:  my kids had paint on their hands and were running at my wall.  I was surprisingly relaxed about the whole thing.

Old cookie sheet, tin foil, and paint.  ON TOP of our tablecloth dropcloth, a must.  Cover your hands and slap them on the wall.  Fun stuff.
Abby did one print and then had enough.  Eli took over with unabated enthusiasm.  We actually did two more long sheets and three little sheets. 
We did this project after the kids took of their pajamas but BEFORE they were dressed for the day.  How often do you get to paint in your underwear?  Combine that with painting on the wall and you've got a winner.
I love the moments that happen which I never could have predicted.  Eli asked me to mix the paints like this so he could see what colors were made when he mixed them.

The big thing I learned here?  The same things done just a bit differently make them fun all over again.  
I was pleasantly surprised at how much Eli loved this.  I was also surprised at how much Abby disliked this...until I gave her a paintbrush, that is. 

Helping Hands:  Part 2 coming tomorrow...

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