Thursday, February 24, 2011

Helping Hands: Part 2

Well, Andy and I are back from a long weekend and are settling back into the real world, albeit reluctantly.

To continue on with our theme of Helping Hands, we have talked about WHY we want to love others by helping and serving them.  We are studying two verses as we seek to help each other:

Galatians 5:13 and 1 Peter 4:10
We then brainstormed ways that we could help our family, our friends, our neighbors, and our church.  (You may recognize this painting from this crazy painting project.)

Then, when I spotted my kids doing something to help someone else, we would write out a Helping Hand and taped it up.

This activity has been really wonderful in bringing service to the forefront of all our minds.   It has also been a joy to intentionally focus on the good things that my kids do.  We love Helping Hands!!


  1. These are awesome. I love the prints with the Bible verses.

  2. I love this project! Maybe I'll start my own Helping Hands window!

  3. Your time, effort, and ideas invested developing and cultivating the hearts of your children is so inspiring. I want to do things like this, but lack ideas and creativity. Thanks for spurring me on to good works in Christ! I will be coming back to learn more from you!!