Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Lesson in Simplicity

I have never been one to go crazy over Valentine's Day.  This year was different, however.  I don't know what it was...maybe it was my new Cricut paper cutting machiney thingy that can cut thousands of hearts just by pushing a button.  Regardless, I was reminded yesterday of the joy of simplicity watching my precious children.

Andy and I made very simple Valentine's for the kids.  They were your standard "fold-the-paper-in-half-and-cut-the-heart" type.  At three times during the day, I put Valentine's in bags that we had decorated.  In the morning they ran for their bags to find a Valentine from Mom and a Valentine from Dad and ONE Hershey kiss.  They were ecstatic!

Eli's favorite.
It was simple and the kids loved it.  In fact, after our last round of Valentine's yesterday afternoon Eli exclaimed, "This is the best Valentine's Day ever."  What a wonderful reminder for me...it doesn't take much to make a kid really, really happy.  Not everything has to be planned or extravagant or perfect or even bought.   Simple is good and I need to remember that.

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