Thursday, April 14, 2011

$1 and 3 Happy People

I like things to match.  I especially like organizational storage things to match.  Matching boxes, baskets, bags,  you get the idea.  But, I don't quite have the budget to purchase all of these matching things.  I can, however, try to make things match.

I always have empty Clorox Wipes tubs lying around.  I peeled the wrappers off of them, but they needed just a bit more.  I looked at fancy duct tape and patterned contact paper, but it's fairly expensive.  Then, on a random trip to the Dollar Store, I found this beautifully tacky, yet somewhat charming, faux wood grain contact paper.    Cover the tubs and...matching storage.

I wish I would have started saving these years ago.  If I had, everything in my home would be organized in contact paper covered Clorox tubs.

While I was putting these together, which literally took about one minute, I noticed that Eli was kind of wandering around aimlessly.  Road making time.

When the contact paper only cost $1, I didn't feel bad about sticking it to the floor, knowing we might be done with it in an hour.

While Eli and I were racing cars, I found that Abby had absconded away with my newly covered tubs and began organizing her crayons.  She did not even want to let them go so that I could take a few pictures. 

You go right ahead and organize, sweet girl.

So, $1 made for three very happy people on a gray, getting colder when it should be getting warmer, April morning.

I guess you could count me happy two times.  As I was getting the pictures around for this post, I found Eli organizing his Legos with our newly covered tubs.  So, I have new and matching tubs, two kids that used these same tubs to organize, AND they were occupied.  I wasn't a math teacher for nothing...that makes me happy THREE times, Eli happy two times (racing cars and organizing Legos), and Abby happy once (organizing crayons).  That, folks, was a well spent dollar.


  1. What a great idea!!! So how many did you make & what all did you put in them?

  2. Now I know what Abby was trying to explain to me... All I heard was crayons, tubs, and "in here".

  3. Man, Michael would have loved that for his matchbox cars!

  4. Jen, I made three of them and put in markers, colored pencils, and these weird, waxy type of colored pencils. All things that children must use under supervision. :) I am going to be doing some CRAZY cleaning so that I can make some more soon.

    Christy, so I'm thinking that if Michael liked cars when he was little, still likes them now, and most likely will make a career of it...that means that there is a very good chance Eli will be a Jedi Knight when he grows up.

  5. I can save some of the containers for you...I go through MANY in my classroom! You are creating a small army of organizers at your house!

  6. Diane...that would be great!!