Friday, April 22, 2011

Not Much...But It's Something

We are sick...again.  It has been a long fall and winter of sickness for this family.  An ear infection and a mild case of rotovirus are the culprits this week, but no one is puking, so it could definitely, definitely, be oh-so-much worse.  After nights of, shall we say, compromised sleep and days of very cranky children I do not have much to offer this morning...but this little trick did provide twenty minutes of happiness for an unhappy child.

Ok.  No matter how you feel about processed food, you have to try one of these:

Now let me say, I am not asking you to try this because the food is so fantastic.  You should try this because after the food is gone you are left with this:

And what is this, you may be's a bath toy, of course.
I should clarify.  It's a SUPER FUN bath toy.

I was not looking for these in the store, but my eyes did happen upon them and they were on sale.  I purchased two for obvious reasons:  I have two kids.  The way I see it, I bought two great bath toys with the by-product two marginal lunches for "free."

Yesterday, after a day of a whining and crying Abby, a fun bath provided twenty minutes of relief for both of us.  She was screaming before and screaming after, but...we did get the blessing of this:

In the midst of sleepless nights and sick kids, this mom rejoices in a Risen Lord.   
Thank you, Jesus, thank you.

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