Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Creation Sequencing Cards

I am 33 years old and have come to grips with the fact that I am not, nor ever will be, a star athlete.  I have mostly come to grips with the fact that I can't dance.  In middle school, I used to picture myself as the star of the talent show, dancing my little heart out to this:

That, sadly, is a true story.  Big apologies to my husband as this, quite possibly, is the first time he is hearing this little tidbit from my past.

Anyways, the athletics and dancing I can deal with, but I also can't draw.  

God did not give me the ability to draw anything beyond a stick figure, but it would be really convenient if I could.  In my lifetime I have drawn three, THREE things worthy of a spot on the fridge:  a dragon in 6th grade, an eagle in 8th grade, and a digger (I found step-by-step instructions while researching a cake design for Eli's Second Birthday).  A dragon, an eagle, and a digger.  That's it.  So, I spend a lot of time typing random things into a Google Image Search.

Ok.  Let's get to the point here.

Eli and I had been talking about how God created the world and I wanted to make him some cards, depicting the days of creation, that he could then put in order.  Sequencing cards.  Now, since I can only draw a dragon, an eagle, and a digger, I was in big trouble.  Clearly, the only one I could even have used was the eagle, but I am pretty sure that was a one time miracle drawing.  Off to Google I I always do when I need pictures.  I found these pages that you could use as a mini-book or sequencing cards.

Coloring our sequencing cards.

Putting adhesive magnet strips on the back.  You wouldn't have to do this, but I thought it would be fun to arrange them on the fridge.

I was not crazy about these pictures, but left to my own devices, I would have had an eagle on Day 5 and six blank cards.  I'll take what I can get on Google for free.

And now the sequencing...

I read to Eli from Genesis and he put up the cards that matched what I was reading.  We then went back to do it a number of times without me reading.  I had envisioned that Eli, upon completion of our sequencing cards, would go to the fridge independently to arrange them.  Bummer...he doesn't do that.  He will, however, sequence the cards if I am there to guide him through it.

Sequencing is a great skill for little ones.  This could be utilized in so many of your kids doing the various parts of their nighttime routine, life cycles of plants or other living things.  Do you have doubles of a book?  Tear out the pages and let your kids put them in order.  Do your kids read?  Write phrases of a Bible verse on cards for them to put in order.  So many possibilities!

A bit of a sheepish confession here...after watching "Unbelievable" videos I think I might still want to be able to dance to it.  Sounds like an activity for the kids and me to do tomorrow.  They think I am an awesome dancer and I will enjoy that while it lasts.  I mean, it's not quite the Middle School Talent Show, but I will take it.