Monday, April 4, 2011

Experimental Painting

My kids love LOVE to paint.  Abby will run around saying, "Maint Maint."  It's pretty hard to resist that.   Recently, I thought it might be fun to try painting with some random objects from around the house.

1.  Q-Tips
2.  Corks
3.  UNSHARPENED pencils
4.  Feathers
5.  Chopsticks
6.  Wheels that had fallen almost immediately off of a dollar store motorcycle

We talked about each item and predicted which we thought we would enjoy painting with the most.  Not surprisingly, Eli thought his favorite would be the motorcycle wheels.  Also not surprisingly, was that Abby agreed with Eli.  Abby loves LOVES her brother.  Let's just say that I will never be able to use the cliche "Well Abby, would jump off of a bridge/cliff/tall building if Eli did?" because she totally would.  

In a very surprise moment, I even learned something about Eli's progression with numbers.  When I gave him the #2 Cork and instructed him to paint in the #2 box, he went IMMEDIATELY to the #5 box.  I was shocked and he was shocked when I pointed out the real #2.  I filed that one away...good to know.  My poor kids...we are never just having fun...Mom is always making them learn.  That, dear Eli and Abby, is the downside of having a Mommy/Teacher.
I discovered that this was great for Abby and her fine motor skills...working to paint in a designated area.

After we finished, we all decided that the feather was the most fun.  Our prediction was wrong!  I even took a moment while they were painting to use my own feather to paint the front of some blank note cards.  After we finished with our experimental painting we did some free painting.  The kids used any tool they wanted and went crazy...I mean, as crazy as a mom will let her kids get when painting.

You are not seeing any cute kid faces becuase they are not wearing any clothes.  My favorite time to paint is after we take off pajamas and before we get dressed for the day.
This was messy, but we had a really great time.  I also thought it would be fun to do this again with all food (potatoes, celery, apples) or things from outside (sticks, rocks, leaves).

Happy Painting!  
Let me know the most random object you use for your painting!!

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  1. What kind of paint do you use? The only painting we ever do is water colors & they don't really like it, probably because the colors aren't great. I feel like I need to get some REAL paint & have fun actually painting.