Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dollar Deals

A while ago I spotted paintable, wooden birdhouses at Joann's for the bargain price of $1.00.  So for a grand total of $2 and some change, I scored two birdhouses that I decided to save, literally, for a rainy day.  I saved the birdhouses and saved them, rainy days came and went, and we just never got around to painting them.  There arrived a day, however, when I had two very cranky kids on my hands.  Though it was sunny outside, we got out the paints and started in on our birdhouses.

 Nothing chases away the crankies like some paint.

These birdhouses were a steal at $1.  What a find!  The kids even handled it fairly well that we would not be housing actual, real birds in their birdhouses.

It was especially fun to watch Eli paint.  For the first time ever, I noticed that he had a specific plan.  Eli painted the entire roof orange before moving on to the rest of the birdhouse.  What fun to watch his mind work in a new way!

The kids were so focused on their painting that I actually did get to drink some of my coffee.

It was also fun to watch Eli invent this little game.  He would dip his birdhouse in the paint and then stamp the tablecloth.  Again, so fun to watch his mind work!
Finished products.
A cheap mantle display.

So, don't forget to check the bargain bins at your favorite craft store for a rainy....or activity! 

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