Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not for the Faint of Heart

Yesterday, in an effort to keep Abby occupied while I chatted with a friend, I decided to let her play with water.  Inside.  On the floor.  I was brave.  Very brave.

Obviously, she loved it.  It is not everyday that we get to play with water inside.  Obviously, or what should have been obvious to me from the start, I did not love it.  I tend to be somewhat easy going when it comes to messes, but I bit off more than I could chew on this one.  It was a lot of water and a lot of dishes and a lot of pouring.  But, there were two happy byproducts of this activity:
  • Our play dishes were washed.  I am not sure that has ever happened and we have had them a long time.
  • Our floor was washed.  The water soaked through the tablecloth I had laid down...a vinyl tablecloth.  That was a surprise.  Water soaking THROUGH vinyl?  Is that even scientifically possible?  Is not the point of vinyl to keep what is UNDERNEATH the vinyl clean and dry? 
So, if you are brave enough to try this make sure to  
double your vinyl and 
halve the amount of water 
to triple the amount of fun had by all.  
(Now, if that is not a cheesy attempt at humor, I don't know what is.)

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    1. Wow - you are brave! And I appreciated the humor. :-)