Friday, July 1, 2011

Play-Doh on the Window?

This one keeps me on my toes.

I was happily working on the computer while Abby was happily coloring on our whiteboard...and herself...I found out upon turning around.

Now, not only had Abby been coloring on herself, but she was also sticking Play-Doh on the window.  So, of course,  choosing the bigger of the two offenses, the first thing out of my mouth was, "Abby, we don't put Play-Doh on the window."  The moment that this statement was delivered to my sweet, marker-covered child, I asked myself, "Hmm.  Why DON'T we put Play-Doh on the window?  Is there a really good reason why we don't put Play-Doh on the window?  I know why we don't put it on the carpet or furniture, but the window?  I am pretty sure it would be easy to clean up.  Exactly, why DON'T we put Play-Doh on the window?"  Coming up with no reasonable answer to this question, I decided to go with it.

Some happy, Play-Doh sticking children who might be considering if their mother has had a momentary lapse of sanity.
Great fun!

Lest we "just had fun," I gave Eli pieces and asked him to make an "E."  It was fun to watch him figure out how to put the pieces together to get a final product he liked.  He was also excited to peel off the Play-Doh to see the imprint left underneath.

Once the Play-Doh-on-the-window fun seemed exhausted, we simply removed the Play-Doh.  I asked Abby to take down all the PINK Play-Doh, practicing her color recognition and sorting skills.  Once again, big apologies to my kids that their mom is a teacher...always a teacher.

My camera battery died as we began the clean-up process, but with a baby wipe in hand, each kid set to work cleaning the window.  When they finished, it was cleaner than when we started.  Now, I am not saying that children should run willy-nilly through their homes sticking Play-Doh to the windows on a regular basis, but, under controlled and supervised conditions, this was lots of fun.

I guess we DO put Play-Doh on windows.

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  1. So great, Sarah! But please tell me the markers she was using were dry erase ones!