Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nail Polish Game

Abby loves nail polish.  A girl after my own heart.  Strangly, she won't let me paint her toes, but she loves to just play with the bottles.  I guess they are pretty cool little bottles.  So, this morning, we played a Nail Polish Game.

We selected some polishes...notice...there are no OPI bottles in there.  We don't play games with OPI nail polish.
I painted a small bit of each color on a paper plate and we were ready.

The Nail Polish Game:  Abby would pick a bottle and put it on the matching color on the paper plate.  That's it.  You can see how thrilled Eli was with The Nail Polish Game.

It was also fun to feel the nail polish on the paper plate.  Abby would touch it and then say "cold."  We did talk a bit about how the nail polish felt and looked, which I wasn't even planning on doing until Abby said "cold,"...practicing good descriptive words...smooth, shiny, pretty, cold...

She did like it, though this face doesn't show it.

I had a cute little video of us playing our game, but am experiencing technical difficulties.  Bummer.

I am now off to paint my toes...or change a diaper or do dishes or throw in some laundry.  
I guess toes will have to wait.  
Bummer again.

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