Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Tribute to U2

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to a U2 concert in our very own hometown.  It was amazing.  AMAZING.  So, while I was watching the concert, I found myself thinking, "This is amazing.  AMAZING.  I need to do something with the kids that uses something U2ish."  Thankfully, the following song was early on in the concert and I didn't have to be totally lame, trying to think up a kid activity for the entire concert...


Here is our game and our tribute to U2:

For Abby, I picked out four items and put them in a line in front of her.  She would then cover her eyes and I would take one away.  While I was picturing this game at the U2 concert, I planned to say, while playing, "Which one is missing?  Can you find what you're looking for?  Have you FOUND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR?"  But, we just played this game yesterday, weeks after the U2 concert and I forgot how the game originated.  Sad.  It would be a much cooler game with the U2 reference in it.

And here is Eli playing.  Strangely, he had a more difficult time than Abby.  I started him with six items, but eventually got down to three.  Maybe he just didn't have the patience to try and figure out what was missing or maybe he thought the game stunk with no U2 reference in it.

Did you hear that?  "I want to play this game all day."  I didn't even make him say that or bribe him in the slightest way (and let me tell you, it wouldn't take much to bribe him...a single gummy worm would do the trick).  I guess he didn't think it was a stinky game, after all.  BUT, it definitely would have been better with some U2 playing in the background.


  1. So great! You are amazing, Sarah!

  2. The Eli video is marked "private" and I can't watch it. I'm amazed their little minds can do this!

  3. Thanks, Christy! This is the game I thought Amy might like for babysitting. :)

    Jessie...I think I fixed it. Let me know.