Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buying Some Time

Disclaimer:  My trusty camera is on the brink.  These sub-par pictures were all taken with my phone.

The other day I had three baking projects going in the kitchen.  For some unknown reason, I decided to work on all three projects simultaneously.  So, as I am working frantically in the kitchen, Abby comes up to ask of me her favorite question, "Do?"  Thankfully, I had just unpacked groceries, transferred the new oatmeal into a plastic container, and had the empty oatmeal canister on the counter.  Or, I should say, the empty oatmeal canister was buried under a few layers on the kitchen counter, because, as you know, I had three baking projects going. 

We cut an opening in the top of the canister and Abby worked on slipping knives through said opening.  Yes, you read it right...knives...plastic knives.  My first thought was that we could use poker chips, but I had no idea where to even begin looking for those.  Knives and Poker Chips.  Awesome.

Then she proceeded to unload the knives...

...and re-load the knives.  Look how fast her hand is moving.  You should have seen how fast I was moving in the kitchen.

Pretty soon, Eli wanted to get in on the action and I was even able to scrounge up two more oatmeal canisters.  I KNEW they would come in handy for something. 

With the addition of more knives, Star Wars Lego Guys, and some plastic cups, I had some happily entertained kiddos.

It is in moments like these that I know God provides for me in the very basic and mundane times of my day.  I needed to work in the kitchen.  I had kids that needed something to do.    In His graciousness to me, God brought to mind this activity, which I had seen sometime in the past, somewhere out there in Mommy Blog-land.  Divine timing for a tired mom with lots to do.  My kids even played long enough for me to clean my disaster of a kitchen.  That, is what this mom calls a miracle...a miracle wrapped up beautifully in an oatmeal canister.

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