Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Legos and Crayons

Recently, we combined two of our favorite things to make make one so-so art project.  Here is it, in all of it's marginal glory.

We started by arranging Legos on a Lego board. 

Next, we laid paper on top and rubbed a crayon over the paper...making kind of a Lego-crayon etching.

Mine, but only mine, turned out decently.  The kids had a hard time, I think because the board was not entirely covered with Legos.  The non-flat surface seemed to be problematic for the kids.

We tried again, this time removing the Legos from the Lego boards so that the kids were working with a totally flat surface.  This worked much better for them, though didn't produce the cool designs I had pictured.
Abby did work on her Lego coloring happily, but Eli jumped ship pretty quickly.  "This isnt' so exciting, Mom," he said.  I know, Buddy, I know.

This is one we might have to try again...when the kids are older or when their mom can think of a way to make it work better...which ever comes first.

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