Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Penguins Move In

After we made our Footprint Penguins, I wanted to display them in some sort of "Winter Wonderland."  So, that night we got the kids to bed, my husband went to hang out with some friends, and I sat down to  build a penguin house.  Andy texted me while he was gone to see how things were going and my response was "doing some serious crafting over here.  Take your time."

I made the penguin house to have an opening door with adoorknob, curtains (which were on the outside of the house, architecturally incorrect, I know), and a chimney with tissue paper smoke coming out.  Let's just say, I had too much fun with this one.

I tucked a print-out penguin (Google Image searched CARTOON PENGUIN) in the front door and attached a note for Eli and Abby to find in the morning.
Dear Eli and Abby,
I just moved into my house last night while you were sleeping.  But, I'm kind of lonely.  Will you come visit and talk with me?  Do you know any other penguins that might want to live at my house?  I'm glad to live here!
Love, Pingu
(Pingu is a random cartoon we found on Netflix.  The kids LOVE and dad love him not as much.)

Then I waited in great anticipation for the kids to wake up and find our Winter Wonderland...

We had just come down the stairs and had a few minutes to play before we took Eli to school.  They quickly brought out our bin of play food to give Pingu some breakfast.

There's Eli in the window!

A piece of bread and a waffle...just what a penguin wants for breakfast.

Eli helping Pingu slide down the hill.

Later that afternoon we had our Footprint Penguins "move in" to keep Pingu company.

We also printed out some penguins, taped them to popsicle sticks, and took them to visit Pingu.

Abby in the window!
This could be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it.  I used just bits and pieces of things I had...nothing was specifically purchased.  I was surprised at just how much my kids loved the penguin house!  They check in with Pingu multiple times during the day and report to me what he is doing.  I don't think I will leave the house up all of the time, but it will definitely make a return appearance with new friends living in it.  When the penguins come down I think that I will put a letter inside the door.  We will then spend the day looking for items that begin with that letter to "move in."  So, if I put an H in the door, we will look for H things...

Completed Winter Wonderland

 It is not completely clear who had more fun with this...the kids or the mom.


  1. Sarah, you are amazing! I am officially inspired. We are huge Pingu fans in this house, too. Penguins in general are among Kaiya's favorite things.

  2. Jen,

    I am so glad you like it! Eli does a great impersonation of Pingu. I am kind of hoping he grows out of that... :)